Presentation Poster : Apartment Interior Renovation – Greece


Clients wished to renovate the free interior of an old idnustrial storage space in a quiet neighborhood in Patras, the city I studied in. They wished to keep it, even though small, as free as possible while creating two bedrooms, a rear patio while maintaining the old lemon tree in the back yard.

Above was a presentational diagram/poster to show the materials to be used, and the final proposed alteration. The interior had a beautiful smooth finish of exposed concrete which was to remain, whereas the ceilings were to be plastered and painted white to emphasize on the wonderful height of the space.


Underneath the staircase leading to the apartments above was a small space that used to be a bathroom, and was now to become a small laundry room. Natural lighting and ventilation in the bathroom was to be provided by a skylight that would create a wall of light. In the space also ran copper pipes which were under great condition and were to be maintained and left exposed as they created a beautiful and warm contrast with the grey concrete.


In the front, the industrial walls were to become ceiling to almost floor glass openings. “Almost floor” because it would lead to a built-in storage/sitting construction. In the summertime owners would be able to open the glass doors and connect indoors with outdoors while maintaining sitting space.


Finally, in the rear was proposed an elevated, flat wooden floored patio with a built-in planter as a barrier to the side connecting with the side yard. A hole would allow the lemon tree to grow unobstructed.

Construction finished in Summer of 2011.


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